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November, 2012

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WB Lawrence Tomlinson
Br. James Hamilton
Br. Rhett Tillman
WB Thomas Reedy

WB Gerald Keeton
WB John McKinney
Br. James Tillman
Br. Michael Gardner
Br. Robert Sabo
Br. Ed Ciofani
Br. Jeff Tumbarello
Br. Laing Batchler

Noah Lodge #357
Free and Accepted Masons   
PO Box 3508
North Fort Myers, Florida 33918
(41 Willis Rd, N. Ft. Myers, FL 33917)

Stated Communications :  2nd and 4th Monday

From the East


               Another year is almost gone, many exciting things have happened at Noah 357 this year. We have seen the newly raised Brothers from last year step forward and take responsibility and pride in their Lodge. We have seen the ladies pull together some of the most joyful and entertaining family gatherings Noah has seen in a very long time. We have seen our youngest officer in line as Junior Steward want to feed breakfast to a Veteran and now has a loyal following of Veteran diners every first Saturday of the month. We've also seen a Brother have an almost fatal accident and overcome every hurdle set before him to become a Master Mason. We have seen our Brother Secretary travel to that house not made by hands eternal in the Heavens. We have shared laughter and hugs and tears this year together and memories that shall last forever.

Noah had two Brothers - Michael O. Gardner and James B. Tillman - become Master Masons on October 13 ,2012. Peace River Lodge in Arcadia had a Master Mason degree and Noah was invited to join in the degree and also raise Brothers Gardner and Tillman. The degree was one of the nicest degrees I have seen in a long while. RW Brother Ed Lanham gave another wonderful lecture of the 3rd degree.. Welcome to Masonry my Brothers - enjoy your travels .

Saturday, November 10, 2012 is Noah’s Thanksgiving dinner and family night there will be turkey and ham for all. Brothers bring your family out and share your Lodge with your family and share your family with your Lodge. This is a great opportunity to meet the Officers of Noah 357 and meet the new Officers for next year. The Officers of Noah look forward to serving thier Lodge and members. Get back in the routine come to Lodge on family night every second meeting of the month or fourth Monday. This is when the ladies plan the Saturday family nights. Want to be a part again?  All you gotta do is show up and smile.

Noah has come to a point and time that we need to increase our dues to keep up with everyday cost of maintaining and running the Lodge. This is an important time in Noah’s history and you are a part of it. I see our Lodge on a slow but steady increase in growth, not only with the membership but also the family involvement in our Lodge functions. Have you been to one lately?

Brothers, I have really enjoyed this year and hope the feelings are mutual, to each and every Officer thank you for your time and dedication to your Lodge and station. May each year you labor in the Lodge be better than the last.

Fraternally Yours

Lawrence A. Tomlinson,
Worshipful Master.

From The West
On the Level"

Greetings Brothers,

Mr. Franklin what have you given us ?

At the close of the Constitutional Convention, A woman called out from the crowd.
  "Mr. Franklin what have you given us ?"

Ben Franklin responded "
A Republic, Ma'am - if you can keep it"

While Mr. Franklin is unarguably one of the more notable of those Brothers who have gone before us he is but one of many who have throughout the ages kept the light burning and held up the principles of Freemasonry for future generations such as ours.

 We follow in the footsteps of good men who by the application of those same principles found their true measure and sought to improve themselves along the way.

In a culture where we throw the word great around so capriciously isn't it ironic that we place so little value on those things that are truly good? The history of Free Masonry is filled with good men, some of whom by their counsel and support have been responsible for great accomplishments. History will ascribe greatness to men, those who have achieved it have done so without regard to seeking greatness in their own time. We have only to put together a solid body of work and let the trail follow us to greatness.

So what have our Brothers of old given us?

They've given us a blueprint to greatness and a wealth of knowledge to guide us along the way.  With this caveat "
If we can keep it!"

Fraternally yours

Bro. James Hamilton
Sr Warden   

 From The South
"Observing the time"

Greetings from the South.

Brothers, are you aware dues have increased?  I am.
Brothers, have you met our newest master masons?  I have.
Brothers, have you been to any of the family night suppers?  I have.
Brothers, do you have a short cable tow?  I do.
Brothers - Are you short on Masonic fellowship and long on excuses?

Come meet me and your lodge on the level. We desire your friendship and brotherly love.

Rhett Tillman
Junior Warden

From The Secretary's Desk

What a great month we had in October, Brothers!  

We had the honor of watching RW Cecil Akin present a 50-year Masonic Service award to
Brother William (Bill) Cook

and a 25-year Masonic Service award to

Brother John Smith in the same month!  

On October 8th, we had a Hallowe'en party, with adults and kids in full dress enjoying dinner and contests at our Lodge.  The Masonic Ladies went "all out" decorating the Lodge for the event and the attendees included beautiful fairy Princesses, Tinkerbelle, Knights in Shining Armor, Ghouls, elderly Ladies in bloomers, Scooby-Doo (won the "Cutest" contest) a Flapper and a Nun - even Shrek showed up!  Some photos are available at: .  

WB Dr. Rick Means was our "Official Photographer" for the event - he did a fine job, indeed.

For those who have yet to pay dues for 2012, I will be sending a "Final Notice" soon.  If you haven't paid your 2012 dues because of an inability to pay, CALL A BROTHER  (239-707-0001 is my cell number).  Most of us have been through that before and we'll do all we can to help you get through your tough times, Brother.  If you've just lost interest in Masonry, a dimit might be a better way to leave Masonry than a "drop" in case you change your mind at some later date.  If you're not able to drive to Lodge, we have Brothers coming from all directions and we'll get you a ride to and from Lodge any time.  If you're worried about remembering how to gain entrance, we'll do that "Rusty Mason" thing and get you squared away again.

Our dues notices will be mailed as soon as we receive them from Grand Lodge.  I expect to have them and get them to you by the end of November, they'll be due by December 27th, 2012.  Our dues increase raised to about $12.50 per month - a pretty good deal for so much LIGHT in an otherwise-dark world.

Once again, Noah Lodge has captured the Traveling Gavel!  We enjoyed a night at Punta Gorda Lodge #115, they received us as warmly as always.  We jousted in good humor over the Traveling Gavel and got to watch one of their FC Brothers pass his FC Proficiency with ease.

Hope to see ALL of you in Lodge, Brothers - we're beginning to grow again and sure miss your friendly faces and sage guidance at Noah Lodge.

Dana P. McGrath
Secretary Pro Tem

From The Chaplain's Station

My Brothers,

 As we struggle through these trying times, we might ask

What has God done for me?

God has given me life

God has given me a great wife and family

God has given me good friends

God has given me the opportunity to live in America

God has given me the opportunity to be a mason and to meet with brothers of like mind

God has given me the opportunity to fellowship at family nights

God allows me the opportunity to serve him and my fellow man

I might better ask

What have I done for God?

May God bless you every day in every way

John McKinney

From The Masonic Ladies Corner

THANKSGIVING Potluck Party at Noah Lodge - Saturday, November 10th, at 6:00 p.m.!

Thank you,

Marie Tomlinson


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