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February, 2012

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WB Lawrence Tomlinson
Br. James Hamilton
Br. Rhett Tillman
WB Thomas Reedy

WB Gerald Keeton
WB John McKinney
Br. John Duly
Br. Michael Gardner
Br. Robert Sabo
Br. Ed Ciofani

Noah Lodge #357
Free and Accepted Masons   
PO Box 3508
North Fort Myers, Florida 33918
(41 Willis Rd, N. Ft. Myers, FL 33917)

Stated Communications :  2nd and 4th Monday

From the East

My Brothers,

Another year has passed us by and we have a new line of Officers here at Noah 357.

Congratulations go out to the new Officers and their new appointments on the Lodge Committees.

Looking forward we plan to continue the Family night dinners on the 4th Monday of every month before the meeting.  Family night seems to be a hit with the members and their families, we can only hope to improve on this wonderful event in the future.  If you havenít been to a Family night you just donít know what you are missing.   

A monthly breakfast is also in the works and February 4th is breakfast day and a lodge work day as discussed in Lodge last meeting.  Come to the dinner this month meet the new Officers and their families, and not just the Officers families but the general memberships families.  I also invite any Master Mason to show up and break bread with Noah 357, come and feel at home.   

 Noah has 3 EAs being prepared for the Fellowcraft Degree and need the help and commitment from all the Officers to show up on practice and Officers meeting every 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:00 pm.   Noah has great talent at our disposal and a lot of very good men and Masons.  The past is behind us now, the future is ours to write anyway we desire to write it.  Will you step up to the plate and help Noah to be a front runner in Masonry, or will you sit idly on the side?  These 3 new Brothers need your help whether small or great and so does Noah.  And isnít that what being a Mason is, helping and mentoring our Brothers?

Brother John Duly, who is a pillar of our Lodge has been out a few months with a knee replacement, has been missed and we found all the stuff that he does around the Lodge since he has been absent.
   Each and every one of us at Noah have importance here amongst the Brethren.  You might not know it but you are missed and do you know since you quit coming so did another Brother that liked coming to Lodge just because you were here.  So next Lodge night letís put them hard feelings that were caused behind or whatever reason you may have stopped coming - call that other Brother and come to Lodge, you know you are loved and appreciated here at Noah #357.   

Brothers we are short a couple of Officers; we need a Junior Steward, a Tyler and an Organist.   Just think - the Junior Steward gets to meet all the Brothers while helping in the kitchen amongst other duties.
  The Tyler gets to card every member and meet all our guests before anyone else does, what a privilege.  The Organist gets to show off his talent that only a few are blessed with.  So if you are sitting at home thinking thereís nothing to do there, hold that thought, we have 3 openings to the right Brother if you like.  Noah Has a great line of Officers that I am proud to be the leader of and can hardly wait 'til the day they lead.  I only hope and pray to the Great Architect of the Universe that I donít fail this great line of Officers who have joined Noah 357.   

Brothers, the Officers at Noah have planned a great year at Your Lodge - without you though, all this planning is for nothing.
   Come out to the 2nd meeting family night at 6:00 pm.  And come out to the Breakfasts that are planned for the first Saturday of every month to support our Veterans.   

Fraternally Yours
Lawrence A.

From The West


    Looking forward to an exciting year at Noah Lodge 357 F&A.M. The Members have come together at Noah and have drawn upon each their unique talents to bring us to a place where we face the new year with a renewed vision. Within our new surroundings brought to us primarily by the talents and generosity of a particular Brother (who desires not to be named) you will notice a new outlook where Brothers look to the future in anticipation of continuing the good work of Freemasonry which has brought us all together, We have brothers whose cullinary talents are unrivaled and they delight in providing some of the finest meals that you will find anywhere. Our Past Masters continue to devote their time and expertise to fill in whereever they are needed and even our youngest E.A.'s are actively helping out in any way they can.

There will be a Veterans Appreciation Breakfast held Saturday, February 4 at 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., all are welcome to attend whether you have served or just want to say thanks to someone who has.  If you know a Veteran who might be interested in joining us please let them know.

See ya in Lodge,

James Hamilton
Sr Warden   

 From The South
"Observing the time"

Greetings  Brothers,        

This year promises to be
  packed full of fun and entertaining  events and activities  for all who can attend  and or lend a strong back and sound mind. 

We have planned yard sales, BBQís, work days, family nights and much much more. The committee men have been assigned, and events are being planned.

So please come to the Lodge meetings and events so we can put your body and mind to use.

                                                                                          Rhett Tillman
                                                                                          Junior Warden

From The Secretary's Desk

At the end of June, I mailed out 23 late notices.  So far I have received five (6) responses.  

If you have not been to Lodge lately, you'll be surprised at the renovations done by Brother Ed Ciofani and his crew of workers.

Hope to see you at Lodge.

Jerry Keeton

From The Chaplain's Station

My Brothers,

February is known as Love Month.

In addition, the greatest commandment is: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great Commandment and the second is like unto it.

Thou shalt lovethy neighbor as thyself.

So mote it be.

May God bless you every day in every way.

John McKinney


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